· Kim Gordon / Mirror/Dash ·

Being the cool indie girl by excellence, her personal style makes all the projects that she is involved full of interest and up-to-date.
Since 1981 is part of Sonic Youth (bass and vocals) with her husband Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley y Mark Ibold. Has a parallel group too, Free Kitten (Ecstatic Records) and collaborates regularly with many musical projects.
She is also recognized as an artist and art curator. Published 2 fanzines for Nieves, Chronicles Vol I y II.
Entered into the fashion world with great success, initially with her company X-Girl (sister of Mike D´s brand X-LARGE) in Los Angeles and then, with Mirror / Dash from New York and Massachusetts, where she currently resides.
Last February collaborated with Urban Outfitters throwing an exclusive collection, in which the main initiative was to "produce clothes for cool moms" And you did it Kim!

Iguapop Gallery. Portraits #17-37. Nov 2007.

Kim Gordon and a friend. Iguapop Gallery, Nov 2007. Photo: Mora.

Her watercolors. Photo: Mora.